chicken pocky shorty dungarees


My daughter, who is three, loves wearing any clothing with polka dots on it because she likes to pretend she has chicken pox. She is obsessed with the Arthur books & read Arthur’s Chicken Pox a few months ago. She was captivated by the idea of D.W. drawing spots on herself to try to trick everyone into thinking she has chicken pox too so she can get the special treatment Arthur is getting. So whenever my daughter sees polka dots, she says, “Is that chicken pocky?” (She also speaks almost exclusively in interrogatives.) (& she’s been vaccinated against chicken pox, so she will probably never know truly miserable it is to have them. Especially if you have them on your fifth birthday & your parents don’t cancel your party & you have to stay inside & scratch & watch all your friends having fun through the window. Someday I’ll get over it….)


Me & my kiddo.

So, a new month, a new challenge, & the Monthly Stitch has once again pushed me outside my comfort zone, resulting in a garment I probably would not have otherwise made, but absolutely love! I made a pair of chicken pocky shorty dungarees. After the madness of Indie Pattern Month, I was feeling a little burnt out on following patterns, so I drafted these from scratch. Well, actually, I started with a pre-drafted crotch curve. I had a pattern for pajama pants that I had traced off from a copy of the book Weekend Sewing, which I got out of the library a few years ago. The pattern I traced was in my boyfriend’s size, & he’s quite a bit smaller in the waist & hips than I am. So I kept the crotch curve & then…

  • I added width to, you know, get the shorts up over my hips.
  • I cut them to actual short-length, as opposed to full-length pajama pants.
  • I drafted in a jeans-style pocket bag & facing.
  • I added a mock fly to the front.
  • I added jeans-style back pockets, complete with rivets.
  • I drafted front & back waistbands & facings.
  • I added button plackets to the sides to assist with fitting & get that classic overalls look.
  • I drafted front back & bibs & facings, as well as straps.
  • I drafted a bib pocket.
  • I added a box pleat to the front bib for fitting reasons.

I added jeans-style details everywhere, including rivets & extensive topstitching. There are functional buttons tabs on either side at the waistband & hips.



I made sure that every seam was hemmed, serged, or faced, to keep the denim from fraying. The front & back bib are completely faced.



We have some bonus polka dots, if you count the little white circles throughout the mermaid print.

So yeah! I am pretty thrilled with this garment. It’s comfortable, I like the fit, & it fills an enormous hole in my me-made wardrobe. I have previously only ever made one pair of shorts (not counting sleep shorts or tap shorts), & since I am trying to only wear handmade–no RTW!–I really needed some warm weather bottoms that weren’t skirts. Now I just need to make a yellow t-shirt to wear with it. I’ve never owned or wanted a yellow t-shirt in my life, but I just feel like these dungarees demand a yellow t-shirt for some reason.

You can find more pictures & more details on this garment over on my blog.

4 thoughts on “chicken pocky shorty dungarees

  1. Nice work! Man some of you ladies, smashing every IPM challenge and then already being in for July – damn I’m out of breath just reading about it. Great make! Well done for working out your own take on spots.


    • Well, this means that all I have done for the last six weeks is sew, basically. Good thing I love to sew! & I still have two more garments I want to make for the bundle challenge. I just really need to knock them out quick because we are moving in three weeks & my sewing stuff is all going to be in storage for at least a week. I’m already making a little pile of things that need to be mended by hand so I can get my sewing fix while we’re between houses.

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  2. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly you’ve whipped up a self-drafted garment!!! I am in love with that lining fabric, I love having pretty linings as a secret only I get to enjoy. But I’m a very selfish sewist! You’ve done a great job, lovely fabrics, great shorts/dungarees!


    • I think with pants, getting the crotch curve is the hardest part, & since I already had that, the rest was just drawing lines. It took me a couple of hours to draft & make my pattern pieces (& I had to re-do the bib pocket because the first one I made was really oddly-proportioned), a couple of hours to cut my fabric & do all the interfacing & pressing of pieces that were going to be topstitched in place, & then sew sew sew! The topstitching was the most time-consuming part because I was using a triple straight stitch. I could have waited & ordered actual topstitching thread in a weight I like, but we are moving in three weeks (!!!), so I wanted to knock this month’s challenge out early in the month & turn my attentions to packing. Anyway, thanks!


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