running late on June

Hopefully you all won’t mind that this is a few days late for Indie Pattern Month. 🙂 I wasn’t able to participate last year, because I was over 9 months pregnant and adjusting to mom life. This year, I managed to finish exactly one sewing project the entire month, and it wasn’t even for me. Or an adult, for that matter. Maybe next year… but since this one is from an indie designer, I was told it’s ok to share! (Thanks, Kat!)

IMG_3926I made my boy a shirt for his first birthday. The pattern is the Classic Oxford by Peekaboo Pattern Shop. I seriously wish I’d known about this site about 18 months ago, because they have several women’s knit patterns that have the option of buying a maternity and/or nursing add-on, and they’re all pretty cute in both the pregnant and non-pregnant versions. But they also have cute patterns for boys, which are notoriously hard to find. I strongly suspect I’ll be revisiting this shop for shorts and hoodies and the like. (And hopefully some stuff for me, too!)

I was very happy with how this one turned out overall. Unlike everything I’ve sewed for him from a Big 4 pattern so far, this one actually looks like the correct size! (Everything else has been ridiculously huge, or too wide and too short, or other problems.) I was pleased with the directions overall, too. There was one point with the yoke where I just could not make heads or tails of how the instructions wanted me to do it, but I figured out an alternative that worked just as well and still left everything clean on the inside. I particularly liked how the collar stand worked out, because she added some extra length to the pattern and you had to line it up by stitching to the edge, not anything too fiddly.

As for my very mobile little guy, it doesn’t seem like it restricts him in any way, and he didn’t fuss about me putting it on. That’s always a good sign. I made him the 18 month size, and am hoping that I can get plenty of use out of this before he outgrows it!

Thanks for letting me share, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the lovely things that came out this past month!


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