Announcing the August Challenge

Hey guess what Monthly Stitchers?

Triple Trouble!

Next month is our 3rd birthday! Yay!

That means we need to celebrate right? Augusts challenge is a birthday celebration – sew us a party outfit inspired by any of the following:

  • The number 3
    • Ideas: 3 fabrics, 3 patterns mashed together, fabric covered in ‘3’s
  • 3 Challenges
    • Ideas: combine 3 past challenges to make an outfit, or make something that can be match with 2 previous challenge items
  • Triplets – join up with two other sewists and co-ordinate your makes
  • 3 Takes
    • Ideas: Made a pattern and love it so much want to make it again…and again? Maybe you’ve made a pattern twice and need a third? Make it again and show us all three! 🙂 This could include wearable muslins…or not so wearable muslins 😉
  • Combine our birthday with yours!
    • Ideas: Be inspired by your birthstone, birth month/year, star sign, the Chinese zodiac…
  • Any of the above mashed together! 😉

Help celebrate with us and to many more years of Monthly Stitch fun!

What are we gonna do when we get to 10 years?! 😮



3 thoughts on “Announcing the August Challenge

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  2. I have just the project. I have only started it but it will fit the ‘3’ challenge perfectly – that’s of course, if I complete on time………
    I can’t believe that I have only discovered you – where have I been?

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