Let the Pattern Bundle Contest begin!

Oh yes, June may be over, but that’s not the end of Indie Pattern Month 2016! This year we had an extra surprise up our sewn-by-us sleeves – pattern bundle sales! And a pattern bundle contest to go with them. 😉

It’s been a while since we told you about it, so here’s a recap of what it’s all about and how to take part….

Bonus Contest, July 13th-19th – IPM2016 Bundle Sale Contest!
  • The IPM2016 Bundle Sale contest runs from July 13th (00:00 UTC) until July 19th (24:00 UTC)
  • Make an outfit consisting of a minimum two items.
  • Only patterns purchased as part of the three pattern bundles offered for Indie Pattern Month 2016 are eligible.
  • Your two items may be from different bundles.
  • You can enter only once.
  • Both items must be new and sewn specifically for Indie Pattern Month 2016 Bundle Sale Contest. No makes started prior to the contest announcements are to be submitted.
  • Items must not have been blogged about, either on The Monthly Stitch or on another blog, prior to the week of the contest. You may blog your entries elsewhere after posting on The Monthly Stitch.
  • Your post must go up on The Monthly Stitch blog during the week stated and must be correctly categorised and follow ALL the usual posting rules.
  • We need your entry post to be of a good quality. The more photos and details you include, the more people will learn about what you’ve made, and the better chance you have of being a finalist and, ultimately, a winner! Posts must include the following:
    • A minimum of three photos (that have been inserted using URLs, not uploaded to the blog directly please – we’ve got a tutorial here for how to do that)
    • A feature image (here’s a tutorial for how to add a feature image)
    • The contest category selected (so that we know it’s a competition entry post!)
    • Information about the patterns you used: the brand, the name/number of the pattern (you might also like to include a description, image, and link to the pattern page)
    • What fabric and notions you used
    • Any pattern alterations/design changes you made, and what (if any) you’d make next time
    • How you found the instructions. Were they easy to follow?
    • Why did you choose the pattern and fabric you used?
    • You might find is useful to read Kat’s post about Creating a Great Monthly Stitch Post.
  • The competition deadline runs on UTC time – you can check the current UTC time here.
  • Posts that do not meet these rules will not be eligible. Your post will be placed in the ‘drafts’ folder and you will receive an email. You may edit and repost within the competition time frames to re-enter the competition. For this reason we suggest you do not post at the last minute – give yourself time to check your post and then to correct it and repost if needed.
  • The post category is Bonus Bundle Sale Contest (July 13th – 19th) 2016

We said there would be more prizes, and more prizes there shall be! To keep in with the ‘surprise!’ theme, we’re keeping the details of them secret, but we can say there are patterns from places such as Sew Indie NZ and Itch to Stitch, and other fabulous prizes from two new sponsors – Designer Stitch and Stylemaker Fabrics. Exciting!!


Want a reminder of which patterns were in the bundles?

(Just in case you got so overwhelmed with all the inspiration during Indie Pattern Month that you forgot?!)
Bundle one was all about casual weekend wardrobes.

Bundle two focused on office wear.

Bundle three dreamed of vacations.

Too many choices? Can’t decide? Here are some ideas…..


From the Nine to Five capsule, pair the Anderson blouse with the Alberta St pencil skirt.


The flowing legs of the Amber trousers would work beautifully with the structured Milena top.


Play with unexpected combinations and try mixing the vintage style of the Beatrice dress with the modern lines of the Salt jacket.


From the Chill Out Capsule – how about the Zeena dress with a Sophie cardigan?


The Getaway capsule is just crying out ‘vacation’, and so is this combo of halter neck swimsuit and the Ute apron dress.

So many possible outfit combinations! Which of the 18 patterns would you combine to make an outfit? We’d love to know! 🙂

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