Bonus Bundle Contest – Getaway Capsule

Ok, I’m going away this weekend and I can’t wait any longer for sun/a photographer, so here are my garments on a rainy afternoon. I chose to make the  Maison Fleur Swimsuit, the Warabi tunic top and the Southport dress from the Getaway capsule bundle.

I was rather daunted by all cutting and sticking required to make the three garments so decided to splash out and get them copy shop printed and I was very glad I did as just the Southport dress nearly took over the whole house…It was HUGE, but SO much easier..



I started with the Maison Fleur swimsuit which is the first piece of swimwear I have ever attempted. I did quite a lot of online research before starting and found The Scruffy Badger review comprehensive and followed her tip to attach lining to the bodice before sewing any pieces together which was very helpful. I used a denim print fabric from Funki Fabrics I love that the one metre I ordered was printed especially for me, one metre of printed fabric dated and bordered on all sides by white.img_4762

I lined the body and cup parts with a navy blue power mesh that I bought on eBay.


The pattern instructions were very clear and the swimsuit came together better than I had expected, I am quite pleased with the result and would actually wear it out in public. I have learnt quite a lot about handling the elastic necessary and would go for a better quality elastic next time. I used the one from hemline but I think its a bit lightweight.

img_4732       img_4729

The second item I made was the Southport dress, I had this medium/lightweight linen/cotton blend fabric in my stash that I bought from a local shop, it’s a bit odd in that it looks as if someone has thrown bleach over it but on this full style, drapey dress I think it works.

The instructions for this dress are beautifully clear and well illustrated. I made two changes to the pattern, the first was to cut the drawstring in half and insert a piece of elastic while maintaining the drawstring ends. This make the dress stretchy enough to just pull on and off without faffing about regathering the drawstring after each wear. The second was to take the garment in by two inches under each armpit, grading down to the waist for a more fitted bodice as the original pattern was very baggy and too revealing when bending over ! I love this dress,we just need the rain to stop so I can wear it more.




The third garment I made was the Warabi tunic top. I made this again from a fabric I’ve had in my stash for years. It is a lightweight cotton voile with satin stripes. In order to make it part of an ‘outfit’ I trimmed the neck, sleeves and hem with bias binding made with the remnants from the Southport dress.

Again the pattern was very well illustrated and the instructions were clear. The only adjustment I made was to sew together the crossover at the front as the heavier weight of the binding was pulling the top out of shape.

img_4734                           img_4749

I’ve had huge fun making these garments. Next, an attempt at the Ute dress ? Or the paprika trousers…..?

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