Hippie Jeans (apparently) and Cardi – IPM2016 Bundle Sale Contest


I bought the first bundle from IPM2016 and knew exactly what I wanted to make from it straight away.  I need a pair of jeans, desperately as I’ve recently cut out sugar from my diet and have lost some weight as a result.  My existing jeans are all getting dangerously loose.   The Liana Jeans by Itch to Stitch looked perfect for this.  I worked out what size I needed and printed it out, for the first time ever I didn’t need to merge sizes as my measurements were exactly the same as the size I chose!  I went with the bootcut version as that style always feels better balanced with my hips.

The fabric I used I think dates back to the early 90’s, it’s a floral stretch denim which I’ve always loved and still do despite my family’s comments about them looking like a Hippy’s jeans, it’s been waiting for the right pattern.  I did decide to mix things up a little and used some quilting cotton to do the pocket linings

2016-06-26 15.31.19

and the back pocket flap.

2016-06-26 16.05.35

As you can see I used contrast thread for the top stitching and red thread for the overlocking just because I loved it.  And I used the back of the fabric for a more subtle contrast on the coin pocket

2016-06-26 16.05.12

I loved this pattern, it went together easily, though there was one section I had to change slightly to get the fabric on the pocket linings the right way around but that was the only change.  It fitted perfectly right out of the bag as it were.  The only issue is the zipper, but that’s because that zipper is older than I am and is from my Nana’s stash.  I will be making it again, and have just bought enough denim to make another pair or two.

To make it an oufit I decided to go with the Sophie Cardigan by Muse Patterns, I went with the circle pockets as they looked interesting and I needed a good casual cardigan for those in-between days.

The fabric I chose was a sweatshirting of unknown content from deep in the stash, definitely over 12 years old in any case (my stash is quite large and old).  I didn’t make any changes to the pattern for this one, though if I made it again I’d need to change the size I think, it’s about right in the arms, but too wide in the body which makes it feel a little frumpy to me.

I did make one change, no buttonholes or buttons, I used snaps instead which I inserted using my trusty Kam snap press.  I decided to use different colours for each snap which I love

guild and sewing 02 July 2016 034

It all moves well for use though, so will be used around the house and garden.

guild and sewing 02 July 2016 030

Overall I love this outfit, especially the jeans which will get worn a lot (as long as the zip holds up anyway), I did whoops a little with the facing above the zip, you can see it popping up slightly in the above photo, but they fit great and are comfy.  I’ll be mostly wearing the jeans with merino tops and hand knit jerseys at this time of year, but in summer I’ll pull out the t-shirts and button down shirts.  I’m not so sure about the cardigan, the fit just isn’t right but I’ve seen other versions on bloggers that look great so I may have to have another go if I can find suitable fabric in the stash.

guild and sewing 02 July 2016 028

guild and sewing 02 July 2016 036

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