Dotty Scrundlewear 

I don’t really know where I came across this pattern, but it’s been on my wish list for a few months now. Since I got a summer bonus, I decided to splurge on the ladies and kid’s version of Scrundlewear from Stitch Upon a Time. I couldn’t wait to make a pair, so I forwent reading the instructions and just went for it.  I’ve made a couple of pairs of underwear in the past, and these are by far my favourite to sew! Why? Because NO ELASTIC! I hate sewing lingerie elastic so much I’ve had a couple of pairs in my UFO pile for about a year (um, maybe 2…) just waiting for the elastic to be sewn on. This pattern can be made all on the serger.


What’s great about this pattern is that if you do not have a lingerie elastic phobia like I do, there are many different options. You can use fold over elastic, lingerie elastic, or regular elastic if you like. The pattern also has a boy-short version or a brief version. This is the brief version. So there are so many different combinations that it’s like you have 6 different patterns, or 8 if you include the different trim and faux-fly options. Seriously! If my mom and sister weren’t coming to visit for the next 3 weeks, I would spend my summer vacation sewing undies!


If you’re a seasoned sewer, or if you’ve made underwear before, this pattern is a breeze and a quick glance at the photo instructions is good enough. For beginners, this is also a great pattern because the instructions are very thorough. Not only that, there is a very thorough table of contents, and each size of underwear has its own pages to print, which is clearly listed.

I made a size medium according to my measurements. I normally go for a L for store-bought but I figured I’d just go by my measurements first. They fit quite well and are comfortable, but I might try making my next pair a little bit higher because they are fairly low, but that’s just my personal preference I think and may be part of the reason why I often go for a size L instead of M in the store.

The fabrics are cotton jersey knit with a good amount of stretch. It’s been in my stash for a couple of years, leftovers from a dress I made for my oldest niece. There’s still quite a bit left over and I plan on making a few pairs of kids Scrundlewear for two of my nieces who are potty training. The kid’s pattern comes with an optional potty training liners, so that’s a bonus!


Pattern: Stitch Upon A Time’s Ladies’ Scrundlewear 

Fabric: Cotton jersey (Stenzo brand)

Notions: (Serger) thread

Adjustments: None. Next time I’ll try lengthening by a couple of centimetres.

3 thoughts on “Dotty Scrundlewear 

  1. Those look just the same as the Barrie pants from KitschyCoo and they are my very favourite pants for comfort and surprisingly no VPL. So easy to sew too. Yours are very pretty.


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