Introducing Ann from Designer Stitch

Our second bonus sponsor is Australian based pattern brand Designer Stitch. Just when we think we’ve discovered them all more fabulous patterns appear!

Mel caught up with Ann, the designer behind Designer Stitch sewing patterns, to find out more…

Hi Ann! Welcome to Indie Pattern Month!
First up, tell us all a bit about your designs. How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

It is an extension of my other hat that I wear. I have been operating a small fashion and design school for the last 16 years…

Since the brand if fairly well known in Australia the use of the name for was a natural progression.

Alyse Pants (Tapered, Wide and Slim leg)

How did your come up with the name for your label?

I come from a lineage of couture dressmakers and business women. Both my grandmother and mother were very fine dressmakers and for a while worked in the fashion hub of Melbourne – Flinders Lane – in the 40’s and 50’s. I don’t think a day went by when I didn’t see my mother at her sewing machine or designing a new pattern. It was a natural progression to take over from where my mother left off.

I have worked as a freelance designer for many middle tier clothing companies over my career and have also taught for a number of years – firstly as a lecturer in both a TAFE and Univeristy level and then in 2000 I decided to open my own fashion school after much encouragement from my short course students. Within my school environment I would make patterns for my students to use. They were always telling me I should run with them on a larger scale and so that is where it has lead me –

Looking forwards, where would you like your business to be in five years time?

Now that is a hard one. By nature I am an entrepreneur – I trust that I will have an ever increasing fabulous range of patterns along with a strong Designer Stitch sewing community.

Where do you do all your work? Reckon you can share a photo or two with us, so we can have a sneak peek at your workspace?

This is a pic of my ever growing mood board – and a pic of my students in an evening class. I have students as young as 12 years through to 70 plus years. All designing and all mad fabric-aholics. !!!!


What’s your favourite part of releasing a new design?

Being extremely proud of what I have achieved and also seeing the feedback photos of my tester group. My group ranges in size from size 6 (Andrea S) through to Kim B (size 26). My testers really WOW me when I see my designs made up by them and I am so proud of their achievements.

Here are just a few pics from the amazing testing group which are also included in the inspiration gallery of the pattern.

Thinking of your gorgeous designs, what’s your favourite of all your designs so far, and why?

A new up-coming release. It is called the Charlie Dress. It can be made in a winter or summer version. I just love the diagonal use of the plaid on the from panel and it coordinating belt.And it easily translates into a summer dress. Oh and I love the Kerry Cape also…and the Fiona Culottes especially in the lace….lol..

Fiona Culottes

Who or what inspires you with your designs?

My Mum even though she is not with me any more. When I would run an idea by her she would always say ” Why not”…everyday I think about her and I know that she is behind me all the way on this endeavor and is very proud of my achievements so far.

Do you have any new patterns coming out soon?

Yes- 4 designs in the next 3 weeks….

  • Friday 15th July…The Georgia Dress
  • Friday 22 July … The Kerry Cape and The Fiona Culottes. I have released them together as they can be worn as an ensemble.
  • And the Charlie Dress….should be released Friday 29th July

Charlie Dress

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  1. Love your work and I admit I’m a little envious when you speak of your grandma and mom – no one in my family were sewers so I was completely on my own in my passion as a teen. Congratulations for moving their work forward – in the spirit world I’m sure they are joyful seeing you continue their work 🙂


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