Tiny spots and kinda stripes!

The dots on my knit top are tiny, but I assure you they exist!

I was also quite amused that the corduroy skirt I made could kiiiinda be counted as stripes due to the wales in the fabric! 🙂


I made this outfit as part of the Outfit-Along 2016 but also for the Monthly Stitch, how’s that for two birds eh?


The A-Line skirt I am wearing is similar to the Sewaholic Hollyburn, which is the official sewing pattern for the Outfit-along. However, I made the pattern myself as an experiment.

I decided to put all the info on my blog so check out more of the details there 🙂

I like the way the skirt’s shape turned out but I will improve it next time. I used my skirt block, which I haven’t used before now! I should really make a post sometime on how I developed it.

I like patch pockets as a cute feature to an otherwise very plain skirt.

The top:

I also made the cardigan! This is Primrose by Cecily Glowick MacDonald.

As I said, more details on my blog so come visit if you are details nerd like me 🙂

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