Pink stripes, shiny stripes

Hi there!

I had the best time during IPM, and thought I’d stick around! 😉

I had already purchased this soft, stretchy knit to make my daughter a dress when I found out the July challenge would be about stripes, so yay! Stripes are pink and grey, and you can’t really see it in the pictures but there are silver lines in it, making this the perfect fabric for a young diva: pink and shiny!

She is turning eight  – pictures were in fact taken during her birthday party, which was a Photo Party, they’re all the rage right now here in Rio – and she wanted a *long* dress.

How is that for long? (Cute boy next to her is my darling nephew!)

I am not that accomplished a seamstress, but I love sewing with knits. For whatever reason, I decided  I could do this without a pattern and without taking it to my sewing class for help!

I figured the top could be a pillowtop dress, which I knew how to make as I’ve made her a dress following a tutorial a few months ago. It was easy enough to do, and I adjusted the sides after trying it on her.

I meant to sew a big ruffle at the bottom of the skirt, but she said it should be long and straight! So I just sewed a long, straight skirt to the bottom of the top and added an elastic band to keep the waist in place.



However… that makes it hard to walk in the dress, and I was then told that I hadn’t really gotten what she meant! She meant the skirt should “go to the sides, mommy!”. The joys of a pre-teen in the house. Sigh.

I figured it should have been an A-line skirt from the start, and couldn’t quite figure out how to fix this, so I then took the dress to my sewing class (my haven, my therapy, LOL) and my teacher helped me. We cut triangles in the length of the skirt and added them to the sides. So simple! 🙂 Live and learn, right?

My daughter was super happy with her dress (possibly a first! She always finds things to complain about) and so was I!

And you can not only walk, but actually JUMP in this dress now!

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