Spotty Fleur

Hi Stitchers,

During IPM this year I won a PDF pattern from Maison Fleur. I made one for the final challenge of IPM and really liked it. So, when I saw a cute spotty remnant in a local op shop I wanted to make another one.

On the first top I followed all the plans and realised that the button flaps land on the back of the top. This time round I reversed that so that the flaps come over with the buttons more dungaree style. Because, cute!

 photo dotty top.jpg

This time I cut a straight 12 and used a bright pink zip in the side seam to add some fun.

 photo dotty top back.jpg

The fabric is a thick heavy cotton(?) and sits really well.

 photo dotty top4.jpg

I am already thinking about using this top pattern with contrast fabric front and back… watch this space.

 photo dotty top2.jpg

Aside from the op shop fabric – which I think may have cost me $1 everything else was in my collection. Whoot!

 photo dotty top1.jpg

Until next time friends –

may your spots be dots not stains

and your stripes not cause migraines!

Here’s to birthday month….

 photo dotty top.jpg

Miriam x

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