Stripes and zigzags

Squeaking in at the deadline here– this is my spots and stripes project for the month. I’ll admit that neither print is one that I generally gravitate towards. I’m more of a plaid and paisley girl! But I found this colorful Aztec-style knit hard to resist when checking out a local hole-in-the-wall fabric shop two summers ago. Since my current sewing is basically limited to simple, stretchy things that I can sneak in during naptimes and after putting my son to bed, a simple maxi-dress was definitely the way to go.

IMG_4270 This pattern is McCall’s 6559, which is about as simple as it gets. It’s literally two pieces with simply hemmed armholes and neckline. The most time-consuming part of making this was definitely matching up the stripes, both while cutting and sewing! I did have to rip out part of a serged seam and redo it, but I think the effort was worth it.

One thing that surprised me with this one was just how much trouble I’m having with getting the neckline to stay where I want it to! I did stabilize the shoulder seams with twill tape, and this cottony knit is very lightweight. But it’s still pulling down quite a bit more in this version than a previous knee-length one that I’d made. So my easy fix is that I’m wearing this dress backwards! I met up with several of my girlfriends yesterday after taking these pictures.They were both amused when I told them this, and complimentary on how it looks.

IMG_4294 For the sake of comparison, this is what the dress looks like the “right” way. Which is ok, but the one time I did wear it out like this, I spent the entire day trying to tug the neckline back into place and debating whether I should insert something to make it a bit higher, or shorten the straps and risk making the armholes too small. With my limited sewing time, I think my backwards fix is going to work much better!

Hopefully I’ll see you back here soon…we’ll see if I manage to get something in for August’s theme or not!

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