The Crazy World of Stripes and Dots

This 4-part combination is made of fabric from stash, leftover fabric and discarded clothes. The black color is the base and the second color are shades of camel. Black and white is a well known color combination, but black and camel is very stylish.

x voor zij

The jeans is made of my TNT self-drafted pattern. The fabric has small stripes are made of light camel paint. The black/camel top is made version of the famous YSL Mondrian dress. Horizontal en vertical black lines dividing the top in sections. I was inspired to make this top after seeing an edition of the GBSB: a Dutch-French-British combination.

x top en broek voor

The black top has a back yoke made from a piece of lace that came from a discarded dress and a leftover fabric from the first top. The lace has small round holes, a kind of dots.

x t-shirt sjaal x achter heel

The scarf is also made from discarded clothes. Horizontal en vertical pieces of fabrics are used to make the scarf. The vertical lines are high-lighted using Shari stitches.

x modrian top met sjaal

Interested in other photo’s and more about my wardrobe planning watch this.

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