Vintage Stripes

I finished my striped sundress just in the nick of time. The stripes get a bit washed out in bright sunlight, but up close you can see them:



This dress is an original 1949 design using vintage Vogue 8974. I love the elegant length of this dress and the vintage side-snap detail on the side seam:


I learned new techniques with this project. Firstly, I stitched French darts into the bodice front. Unlike regular darts, French darts form seams on the front of your bodice. They were a bit tricky to get right, though, and the fit on my bodice suffers, unfortunately.

vintage 5

Other than the less than ideal fit issue, the rest of the dress came together nicely and I enjoyed this entire process. The second skill I learned was how to attach snaps. I used a Dritz snap fastener pliers. Unfortunately, my Dritz tool already broke. Does anyone have a better tool they can recommend? I was not impressed with the quality of the Dritz tool. Anyway, the back of the dress features a pretty criss-cross detail with the straps.


I’m not sure of the fiber content of the outer layer of fabric, but it was very inexpensive. I bought it for only $4/yard at Michael Levine’s in Los Angeles. Because the other layer is see-through (as you can see in the straps) I underlined the fabric using a peach skin tone polyester. I did this by hand basting the lining to all of my pattern pieces before stitching them together. I think the two fabrics layered over each other is quite beautiful. All in all, I’d call it a success.

vintage 10

vintage 4

vintage 1

Now I can start planning 3 iterations of something for the August challenge! For more on this and other projects, please visit my blog at See Carmen Sew.


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