Breezy Stripes

This was a very fun sew!   I chose a pattern from one of my collection of Japanese pattern books, “Clothing for everyday wear” by Yoshiko Tsukiori.  The fabric is a rayon blend that I believe was in the ‘linen look’ category, but I’m guessing that there is mostly rayon because the drape is wonderful!  The stripes are actually ridges woven into the fabric with thicker threads, so there is a lovely texture as well, and it was hard to decide which side should go out. I was all prepared for mucho fraying, but there was nada.  Happy dance!

http://Back view: one of the places the tie can be placed photo stripes.4_zpsfbcc5amy.jpg

This is a wrap design, with ties at each of the front points and a little slit on the right side seam for the left tie to go through.  Other details include a flat-fell back seam, and dolman sleeves with the angled seam on the top instead of the bottom of the sleeves. I like the way the chevrons march down the sleeves.  It is nicely pictured untied and open in the book, but I’m not sure mine has enough body.  I will try it though. . .

http://My lady in red gets to wear everything first! photo stripes.1_zpswdls2glu.jpg

The gray pants are made with a pattern from this same book, and have nifty pleats at the bottom hem.  You can see that Stripes also went very well with some simple leggings and a camisole.  After checking out fabrics in my cupboard and a few makes in the closet, there are an amazing amount of things I’ve got that will make outfits with this drapey coat/dress.  I haven’t had a chance to try out very many yet, but some linen pants in sage with the hem pleats are already almost finished! Yah!

http:// photo 89e9ff32-505d-4761-98c1-4d4bf089f6e1_zps9nf7ap3s.jpg

I have to say I like the construction of these garments;   there is hardly any fussy details, the order of the steps is so practical and is given mostly by diagram with brief written directions.  The only thing I did that wasn’t in the instrux was to stay-stitch those diagonal front edges.  (I love, love slanting front lines, but I’ve made more than my share of fluttery wavy fronts that weren’t intended.)

http:// photo stripes.8_zpschomyqpb.jpghttp:// photo stripes.11_zpsgesv5gai.jpg

This is my favorite make of the summer so far!

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  1. Good job! I’m impressed you managed to sew from your Japanese pattern books. I have a couple myself. I love the beautiful photographs. I think that’s why I collect them. But I’ve been too intimidated to give it a try.

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    • This one is an English translation, but I’ve done enough of them that the charts alone would be enough. I look at the diagram first, and sometimes check the written. Japanese knitting patterns are all charted and it’s so straightforward :-). And the photography IS delicious!


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