White Cotton Dobby Blouse

Spotted in a White Dobby Blouse

A little bit late this month in posting my “Spots and Stripes” post. I wrote a couple of posts for my own blog and then completely forgot that the reason this make jumped the queue was that it was the only spotty project I had planned and had to go on The Monthly Stitch.

This top is a copy of one of my favourite RTW tops, which has got very shabby over the years. Here’s a photo of the original:

RTW blouse to be copied

I selected a very similar looking cotton voile fabric with dobby spots from Stone Fabrics. I decided that the easiest way to make this top was to make a pattern by taking apart the original.

I wasn’t very happy with the way the original top was made. I noticed that the trim was covering raw edges around the yoke, so I decided to re-think the construction method and make it much neater. I’ve written more about this method on my blog.

White Cotton Dobby Blouse - Yoke

For the trim I branched out a little from the original  and chose a grey velvet ribbon and some wide sheer ribbon in white. I much less ribbon that the original top used, I actually thought that the shop-bought version had too much dangling ribbon on it.

I also learned a new technique on my overlocker whilst making this top.  I used a three thread rolled hem to finish the hem of the blouse and also the sleeve hems. It was actually an easy finish to achieve. I took out one of the needles on the overlocker so that I was using just the right needle and three threads. I then increased the tension on the looper threads and switched the setting to “R” (for rolled). I fiddled a little with the tension on the loopers to get the width of hem just right, but that didn’t take long.  The hems were also gathered by shirring.

Rolled hem

I think my copy has a crisper finish and is less casual. Perhaps my choice of ribbons and construction has accounted for that.

Here’s the finished top. I have been without a photographer all weekend so I haven’t managed to get a photo wearing it. I’ll add a photo of that later. There’s more detail on my blog here.

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