One fabric make three wearable items


Three out of one wasn’t planed. I had some trouble with this fabric. Originally I wanted to make The Japanese Top that can be found in the GBSB book ‘Form Stitch to Style’. The colors black, red and  white that are in this fabric reminded me of the beautiful red-crowned crane.

x kraanvogels

The fabric was pre-washed and the fabric shrank more then I had count on. My alternative didn’t work to due to an unexpected hole in the fabric.

x zwart voor

Then the August 2016 TMS challenge came along. I decided to make 3 wearable items out of this fabric. First I started with making a cut-on sleeve top. After cutting the top I had enough length left to sew a boxershort for my husband. This is another version: 3 cm wide elastic is placed in a tunnel.

x boxershort heel.jpg

The off cuts were used to make an other tunnel scarf. I had also some scraps left of a black yoke top and my red cocktail dress. This scarf is made of different sizes of stripes of fabric and sewn random horizontal and vertical together. I used the Shasiko stitch technique to mark the vertical stitching lines in the colors red, white, black and gold. The black pom pom ribbon trim around one side of the tunnel is the same as in this make.

x omdoen

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