Too cool for Kats


Happy birthday tms!!

This is the first time I have made three of the same pattern,  normally I am so preoccupied with the next make in my head that I’d be too bored to remake the current project.

However, I won the Kat top from Designer Stitch in the Indie Pattern Month and I love it.  I love that it takes me an hour to sew up from cutting to wearing; I love that it only takes a metre of fabric so is a great stash buster; I love that I can sew it without following the instructions as it’s so simple ; and I love the fit and style.


This version is from my stash,  made in light blue chambray. The pattern has a seam down the back.


This was also from my stash,  white jersey fabric.  I used my overlocker to make rolled hems on the sleeves for this version.


This is my favourite version.  I sewed this on the morning of my birthday before we drove to Cornwall using fabric brought from sew over it for my birthday!  The fact that this top uses so little fabric means I can afford to splurge a little occasionally.

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