When you find the greatest fabric…

Happy birthday monthly stitch!

A couple of months ago I found the best fabric on Goldhawk Road.  Sadly they only had 5m left and my cousin wanted to split it with me!  However, with my 2.5m I decided to make all the things!  Well at current total, I’ve made 3 which I figured was perfect to fit with this months Monthly Stitch birthday theme.


First up was this circle skirt which I made using the Megan Neilsen Veronika skirt pattern. There are loads of tutorials and apps etc out there for creating your own circle skirt but the Veronika pattern fits me well and I’m lazy.  If you’re lazy like me, I can recommend this pattern.  I love this skirt and get so many compliments each time I wear it.


With my scraps, I made myself a new make-up bag, which was really overdue.  I used this tutorial from noodlehead.  I’ve been on a bit of role making these little bags recently.  They’re so versatile and can be made in lots of fabrics.


Next up was a new Anya bag, which I made for my sister, as I don’t think I can rock the matching skirt/bag look.  This pattern comes together really easily and I feel that the pattern/fabric combo makes the perfect summer bag.


I literally used up every scrap of this fabric so I definitely got my money’s worth.  For any other details about my makes, check out my blog.

9 thoughts on “When you find the greatest fabric…

  1. The fabric is lush, it looks perfect for your circle skirt which is fab, I downloaded the skirt but haven’t made it yet (actually forgot all about it). Both bags are great too, your sister is very lucky.


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