Mommy & Me x 3

Happy (Belated) Birthay #TMS. I was close, this was finished in August so I think that kind of counts?


Here is a (small) offering of my third sewn set for little mister-mister and me. I barely had any of this fox fabric left that my mom had picked up, so I was only able to make myself an accessory after his onesie. I just realized now this picture is a little blurry. If I zoomed out a little further you’d see my arm about 3 inches from his head. At 6 months he can sit up well enough, but if the cats walk by or anything catches his attention, BOOM, down he goes. The sound of a baby head clunking against, well, anything at all is just…!!!!!  Oh, and he has his first tooth! So sorry in advance for this embarrassing story but…I CRIED WHEN I FELT IT! I don’t even know who I am anymore sometimes.

I’m glad I got a picture of him in it, because I’m fairly confident he will grow out of it before it gets cold enough to wear it. I tried to plan ahead, I really did…but measuring a squirmy baby isn’t super easy. The width should be fine for a while, but I will have to adjust the length for the next one.


The pattern I used was Butterick 5896, a multi garment pattern from the late 1990’s that I picked up on Etsy. I like the simple, exchangeable pieces and feel confident in their assessment of this being a “very easy” pattern.


I made my own bias tape for the neck and leg holes, some of which was not on the actual bias due to lack of fabric, but it worked out well enough. The headband is nothing special, just two pieces sewn and turned back out and attached with an elastic. I just wanted to make something a little match-y if he happens to be able to wear this when the weather is right!

On to September- I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with!




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