Three Annalexes

During Indie Pattern Month I sewed up this Annalex for the Pattern Hack challenge, which, I’m not gonna lie, I was really proud of. It is truly beautiful.


And now it has two friends. Who are equally, if not more gorgeous.

The first thing that happened was that a friend of mine saw it on my blog and loved it so much she asked me to make her one. Now, normally I’d hate this, however, this friend is getting married and wanted to wear it for her honeymoon, which seemed like a suitably special occasion.

I helped her find suitable fabrics and she chose and bought one. Happily, her shape is very similar to mine, so I didn’t even have to retrace my pattern pieces!

When I informed my sewing buddy that I was going to make this dress she decided it would be fun to sew along (we actually make items using the same pattern quite often). Suddenly, a Three themed post seemed like an actual possibility.

I used french seams on the skirt to give it a nice neat finish and hand stitched the bodice lining to the dress to give an invisible finish. I also did the same to the thigh split on the skirt.

The only adjustments I needed to make were to shorten the dress about 4-5 inches and to add a little dart into the back neckline of the dress, which gaped a little when my model tried it on. Oh, and I also lowered the front neckline as she didn’t like how high it sat.


She’s really rocking it isn’t she?

For my sewing buddy’s version, this was her first real attempt at using a pattern. (We’d made the Sew this pattern Kimono before, but that’s only two pattern pieces, so hardly counts). We shortened it by 5 inches before we even cut into the fabric, but it look like we may have to shorten it a bit more before we hem it. Amazingly though, she also had very similar measurements to me so we were able to use the same pattern pieces again! We could almost swap dresses (if I weren’t so freakishly tall!!!)

If I’m honest, I think that maybe we should have started a little bit slower, there were a lot of new skills in this – lining a bodice, easing around a curve for the princess seams, inserting an invisible zip, plus just generally learning to follow pattern instructions is quite a steep learning curve. To be fair to her though, she’s done a great job.


Sorry about the rubbish photo, we just took a very quick snap on my phone so that I could feature it.

It’s not totally finished, but I think one more evening of work will have it done and dusted. Most the work that needs to be done at this point is the handsewing.

As an extra bonus, I have realised I have also personally sewn 3 garments this month. The above mentioned Annalex, a McCall’s M7119 that will probably never get worn, and a Holly x Flora dress to wear to the aforementioned wedding, which I had better go and get ready for!

I will share some photos of the Holly x Flora dress on my blog after the wedding, so please check it out in a few days.

Finally, belated Happy Birthday to you Monthly Stitch!

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