A new dressing gown

My current dressing gown would hardly fit into the category ‘Nighty night (sleepwear/lingerie): being made out of scraps from my ma’s various flannel projects it really isn’t even in the same universe as lingerie and I generally wear it on lazy winter days when I have no intention of getting dressed. It is eccentric to say the very least and I love it.  But as soon as I saw the announcement for this month’s challenge I knew what I wanted: a new dressing gown. I didn’t want to replace the one my ma made me, but another one to compliment it. After much searching I settled on the Buchanan from gather sewing patterns – perfect for a silky little number right? Plus its got pockets!

I made myself version 2 with the insert pockets out of some lovely silk and I am sooo pleased with the results. It was slow going but the pattern is just brilliant with such detailed instructions. You can see more photos over on my blog: https://thimbleandthreads.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/a-silky-buchanan/.


4 thoughts on “A new dressing gown

  1. So pretty! I love the fabric, and the style fits so well and looks luxurious. I have a favorite fuzzy robe I wear all year long, and am pretty sure I would not give a new dressing gown it’s proper due, but if I change my mind, this is what I’ll be thinking of making.


    • Thank you – I still love my fuzzy old robe my ma made. And for most of the winter that will certainly be the robe I turn to. But for these warm days it feels very luxurious indeed to flounce around the house in this.

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