Half Asleep In Fifi Pyjamas

The theme on The Monthly Stitch for September is Sleepwear and Lingerie, the runner up was Flora and Fauna. I happen to love the Fifi Pyjamas by Tilly and The Buttons for a perfect blurring of the lines between pyjamas and slinky lingerie. I also have set aside a beautiful impressionistic floral fabric for making a set of these and only delayed the project because sourcing the other supplies I envisioned took some time. So, of course for September’s contest, I am finally sharing my ultimate Fifi Set!

I must tell you, I searched far and wide for the perfect materials to accompany this fabric. I found the fabric at Joann Fabrics for only $2/yard during a 50% off clearance fabrics sale! I loved it immediately and knew I wanted to make the Fifi pattern with it. I also knew I wanted red contrastic bias tape for the straps and little red roses at the center of the bust and center front of the shorts for a final touch that would bring in the sweet little flowers in the fabric print. 

As a child, I was really into impressionist paintings, so it is no wonder that I fell in love with this print.

I ended up ordering the bias tape from an Etsy seller based out of Italy (Lalallehandmade if you would like to pick up some of your own!) It took about a month to get to me here in the US, but the finished product is infinitely better using this rather than the cheap, stiff stuff you can buy in stores. I have yet to take up the task of making my own.

For some reason I also struggled to find my little red roses. Maybe because I was unsure what to call them when searching online. I checked my local Joann Fabrics, but they only had bows or larger flowers. Ultimately, I stumbled onto them by accident while at Michaels looking for ribbon for another project. I got a large bag of assorted colors so if I ever find myself in need again, I am all set!

This closer photo shows off those perfect little red roses on the center of the cami and shorts! Such a perfect finishing touch, don’t you think?

I also decided I did not want to lose length by hemming, so I improvised and surrounded the hems of both the cami and shorts with about 5 rows of narrow, short zig zag stitches. I just kept going around and around until I liked the finished look. I really like this decision, as you can see it gives a nice and subtle pop of red around the hems without being too bold or distracting from the beautiful and delicate fabric print. It did eat up A LOT of thread, but I can live with that.

I do have one confession to make- I completely botched the attachment of the bra cups to the bodice front my first time around. It could not be saved, as this fabric does not take kindly to ANY unpicking. In a pinch, I used the little bit of fabric I had left to cut new pieces. As a result, the front of the bodice is on the straight grain, not the bias as intended. The fabric is very flowy; however, so I still really like the finished product and do not think it is too noticeable. 

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