cat jammies!

I’m a little bit late with this challenge, because I have been overwhelmed with the fit challenges associated with the dress I’m hoping to make for Frocktober (& I missed August’s challenge altogether!). But here we go: pajamas, & I even made them from a cat print fabric in a nod to the flora/fauna challenge that almost was.


The top is the Blanc tee from Blank Slate Patterns: perhaps not the world’s most elegantly tailored t-shirt pattern, but so comfortable!

The pants are self-drafted. They have pockets!


& this cute little ribbon piping detail on the cuff.

Construction-wise, I used my own little tricks here & there. For getting a tidy hem on a turned under knit neckline, I like to use a small, narrow zigzag where I want my fabric to turn under. This helps control the fabric & turn the hem at a consistent length, which can be especially tricky with knit fabrics. I give it a nice press & then stitch from the front with a slightly longer-than-average straight stitch. The result is nice & tidy, with no rippling or puckers, & no need for stabilizers.


& I applied the elastic to the pants waistband using the same technique I use for sewing elastic to bras (which is also fitting for this month’s challenge!). I line up the elastic with the edge of the fabric & zigzag the far edge, stretching as I go. Then I turned under the elastic & zigzag the far edge again. I find this method to be a lot quicker & easier than making a casing & feeding elastic through. (Does everyone hate feeding elastic through casings as much as I do? I HAAAAAAATE it, though it’s a nice-looking way to do things.) & it precludes any possibility of the elastic getting twisted.


You can hop on over to my blog for more details & photos if you wish. Now, on to that dress…