Vintage Vogue V8811

Hey there Monthly Stitch Fam!

My name is Natasha and this is my first post on the Monthly Stitch! Huzzah!
I run the blog in this here e-universe. I started sewing about 3 years ago and haven’t stopped since! My sewing obsession started with quilt-making, but has progressed to include garments and accessories (and everything else I can manage to wrangle under my presser feet)!
I am super excited to be a part of the Monthly Stitch gang! I always have about 18 billion ideas running around my mind, so it is good to have an outlet to focus on one specific item and go full steam ahead!


For this challenge, I ventured out of my comfort zone and slayed my very first Vintage Vogue pattern, V8811 using this Cotton + Steel Les Fleurs Rayon print that I have been hoarding since the fabric was released earlier this year. The rayon is a total dream to look at, and fairly simple to work with as well.

The post on my personal blog goes into much more detail about the sizing of the pattern, fun crazy issues I had with the vintage instructions, and a bunch of close-ups of my most favorite parts of the dress.  However, I think the pattern is great! It is simple enough to complete: just a front, back, and a few facings; but it also gave me a chance to exercise some techniques that I don’t regularly get a chance to work on, including invisible zippers and DIY belt making.  And, for real, have I talked about how gosh dang gorgeous this print is yet? I have? At length? Oh ok then, never-mind. 😂😂😂

Thank you to the Monthly Stitch for the Frocktober challenge, I am head over heels with my new garment! Although stepping in with a tiny bit of trepidation, I am excited to rock some more Vintage Vogue patterns in my future (probably all out of the Les Fleurs collection because that is just how I roll).

Happy Frocktober, fellow freakies!


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  1. I really love this color, but the floral pattern makes it hard to appreciate the style details of the dress. It is a great fit on you too and I like the drape of the skirt.


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