Announcing the November Challenge!


Have you ever bought a pair of shoes on a whim because you absolutely loved them and then realised you haven’t a single thing to wear them with?

It might but as simple as a pair of sneakers that need new workout gear to get you out running, or as fancy as some glittery red heels that you can totally wear to work with just the right dress…

Maybe you just own heaps of shoes!

This challenge is perfect for all of us.

Take a pair of shoes you own, or not (coveted, unreachable shoes count too) and create something to wear with them.

It might be inspired by, to compliment or simply an excuse to wear them more…it’s up to you!



12 thoughts on “Announcing the November Challenge!

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  2. Fab idea! I must a bit psychic – last week my buddy gave me some shoes as they were too high for her, and I made a jumpsuit to match as I happened to,have the perfect fabric. Sadly I was too soon for November, but will have another think 😀


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