The Sunday Set Pinafore

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that I’m the second person to enter this dress for Frocktober. It’s the Sunday Set that came free with Simply Sewing Magazine.


I couldn’t really see myself wearing the dungarees but I was quite taken by the pinafore. The dress is essentially a gathered circle skirt with an added bib and straps. It also has a lapped zip which I’m not that experienced with but it turned out ok.

I used a medium weight denim fabric that I bought from Sew Over It in Clapham, London. I faced the bib (and half the waistband) with a lovely teal coloured fat quarter. I also used a totally different fabric for the other half of the waist band, the pockets and the bias bound hem.

I do really like my new dress. I thought there was a possibility that I would look far too old to be wearing the type of thing I used to wear before I even hit double figures, but I don’t think it looks too bad at all! I’m quite glad I used a reasonably heavy fabric as the circle skirt does like to billow a bit in the wind, but I haven’t yet flashed my knickers to anyone! Although, leggings does help with that! If this had been made in a lighter fabric there is no doubt the slightest breeze would have it blowing around my head!



The photographs were taken in Robin Hoods Bay which is 15 miles north of Scarborough (UK one!) where I live. If you ever do the ‘Coast to coast’ walk, this where you end up!

There’s a bit more info and few more photos on my blog applebymakes 🙂

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