It’s Frocktober 2016!

It’s been a while since I have posted here.  I have tried.  I bought fabric and patterns and made plans, like the “outer space” print to make PJ’s which I still haven’t sewn up (The Final Frontier Challenge?).  I have been reading about the makes of the other contributors enviously and thinking why can’t I get anything sewn up quickly and in the right month!  🙂

I have been sewing – well … buying Vintage Sewing Machines, more fabric, more patterns, and then sewing.  I have made a few dresses for my sister, and a few things for myself.  But my plans never seemed to match up until now.

It is fun to make something for someone else because it feeds your “sewing mojo”.  It is easy to make something as requested … with THIS pattern and THIS fabric … you don’t have to make any decisions… just sew!

As I was sewing this dress for my sister, it suddenly hit me … It’s Frocktober!

So with this pattern, McCall’s M7169, and these two lovely cottons (with a bit a spandex) …


I made my sister this dress … Ignore the white T shirt that my dress form (Say “Hello” to Dolly!) is wearing underneath the dress.  I never realized how it confuses things until I saw this photo!


Unfortunately, it wasn’t as mindless a project as I thought it would be.  I drafted neck facings for this dress as the pattern didn’t include any, and I prefer facings and interfacing with woven fabrics.  Instead they instructed to use bias tape.  (Nope!  Sorry!)


Also cutting out the pattern and fabric was a GOSH DARN CHORE!  Either I am blind, crazy, don’t know what I am doing …  OR these cutting lines are labeled incorrectly.  See it starts as size 18 on one side of the pattern piece and ends at size 24 on the other side.  What am I missing?  This is something I have never seen before.  I’m glad I caught it before I cut out any more pieces!  


But I survived … and so did the dress … and my sister is very happy with it!


If you would like to read more about my adventures with this pattern, or see more photos, hop on over to my blog, Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!.

Thanks, The Monthly Stitch, for letting me come visit you all again!




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