Meet Alix, the 70’s Dress of my Dreams!

Happy fall, everyone in the Northern hemisphere! There are so many things that I love about this time of year, and one of them is that it’s the perfect weather for dresses with tights, boots and scarves. It’s been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share my latest make while it’s still Frocktober, the Alix Dress!

This is the latest pattern by By Hand London, which I’m completely in love with! I tested it for them, but this is 100% my own opinion. There’s a maxi, mini or tunic length, and there’s no zipper or buttons, just a tie at the back to take in the the excess ease. It’s super comfortable to wear, and great if (like me) your weight fluctuates all the time (maybe something to do with midterm eating habits…) and fitted clothing only sometimes fits.


I made the mini length, and used some cheapo poly satin that I bought at a local clothing store that was selling off their surplus. I normally hate poly (and still do), but I needed something on short notice and it was inexpensive. The right side is super shiny (as satin tends to be…) but I used the wrong side and I’m obsessed with the rich purple colour. (It also happens to be almost the exact same colour as one of their samples. Great minds think alike?)


I got about halfway through a muslin then realized that I cut the wrong size for the neck yoke, but didn’t have time for a new one. The only thing I changed was to raise the neckline a fair bit (I think 1 3/4″), although in retrospect I didn’t need to – it was only because I cut the larger size of yoke that it was so low! Next time, I might lower it back down (or at least 1″) because I think that might be a little more flattering (but still totally modest).


I made the pattern tester version, and I haven’t had a chance to compare the tester instructions to the revised ones yet, so I won’t comment on the construction at all. It was pretty straightforward, although I definitely had to follow the instructions more closely that I usually would!


The verdict? This is the dress of my dreams!! The fit maybe isn’t 100% perfect (I need to tweak the area right above the bust), but I absolutely love wearing it and it’s perfect for fall. For class/everyday life (so class + the library), I wear it with tights, boots and a jean jacket (or at least, I did a week ago when I took these pictures, but now it’s too cold!). You could definitely also dress it up with heels and some nice jewelry! The sleeves are roomy, but in a lightweight fabric, they’re not so bulky that you can’t wear a sweater, which is nice.


For more pictures and details, check out my blog! I don’t post all that often, but if you want to keep up with my occasional sewing that I fit in between midterms, lab reports and papers, you can always follow me on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

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