December Challenge – VOTE!


Where has 2016 gone? I can hardly believe I am writing about the December vote!

But it’s here!

We know December is a busy month so last year we started a new tradition of using the final month of the year for a catch up.

We called it Amnesty Month.

Well, we’re not going to continue that tradition…besides the loss of a whole month to throw another challenge at you from our long looooong list, we think 11 months is way too long to wait for an Amnesty! Plus we’ve had a better idea suggested to us, a few times actually!

Introducing…Last Day of the Month Show us the Things You Didn’t Finish Day…err ok we’re not sure what to call it yet! We’re looking for your suggestions!

Here’s how it works: Usually we expect your challenge make to be posted during that month and occasionally they spill over a week into the following month. After that it can be a bit embarrassing posting something that took a little longer than you expected it to…or maybe you just wanted to sew from an old challenge, or repeat a favourite challenge…well now the last day of each month is for you!

On that day you may post any finished TMS Challenge make from ANY prior challenge. Tag it with the original category AND the amnesty category (cool name pending) and we’ll all get to enjoy some great finished items from the past.

Post your Amnesty End of Month category name ideas in the comments below or on the Facebook page. We’ll pick a winner and maybe even find a prize…

Ok, let’s vote!


.We’ll announce the December challenge theme on 15th November.

Happy sewing…and shoe shopping 😉

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Oh and a little reminder: Please do not write single sentence blogs posts with one image that just directs people back to your own blog and no other information about your make. We’re not here solely to promote your blog, we’re here for fun and for a conversation. Tell us all about your make HERE, join in the discussion and then link back to your own blog. Your editors have been a bit busy lately and let a few of these through our nets but that doesn’t mean it’s OK. If you’re unsure what to write take a look at these great guidelines.

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    • Hi Siobhan, we hear you and if this option wins we’ll be sure to set some nice clear rules. We’re not encouraging costumes or inappropriate use of these types of fabrics, just the excuse to turn them into something beautiful. We’ve already seen some amazing dresses in African waxprint on TMS and we know there are other beautiful fabrics in our collective stashes 🙂

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