Pineapples and Fake Docs

Simplicity 2246

Hi folks! For this month’s challenge, “If the shoe fits”, I based my outfit upon this amazing pair of fake Doc Martens I bought from the op shop. I’ve wanted a pair of real Docs for a long time, but find them too heavy and uncomfortable for me. So when I spotted this pair, I knew it was fate!

Simplicity 2246

Obviously this pair of shoes deserved an equally ludicrous outfit to match. So I made up Simplicity 2246, the Lisette Traveller Dress, in a pineapple print cotton which was also from the op shop. I performed a few fitting and style alterations to the pattern – besides my usual fit adjustments, I also had to bring the sleeve up to my shoulder point and widen the cuff to allow more movement. I split the one piece collar into a stand and collar, and made the buttonbands one long piece for each side.

Simplicity 2246

The end result was much better than I expected, and make me laugh every time I look at it. The perfect shoe-dress match!

Simplicity 2246

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