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My mother gave me a pair of black block-heeled suede shoes with a gold chain across the front. Apparently she used to wear them many years earlier but I can’t ever recall seeing her in them. Even when she gave them to me, I didn’t really find many things to go with them so I figured, why not cater a garment to them. Well at LEAST the details.


I made a linen floral skirt out of fabric I got at a little market in Panama in 2014. I used a gold-toothed zipper and left it exposed so that the accessories could compliment one another.


For the skirt, I added black piping at the top edge to accentuate the waist and black bias binding at the hem to hem the skirt and make the flare pop. Oh! It flares because I added horsehair braid to the hem of the lining!


I love this skirt and I can’t wait for warmer weather so that I can get a chance to rock it!

See more details/pics of this skirt and other projects at my blog The Telltale Tasha!

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xoxo, Tasha 🙂

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