Gold and sparkly!


I have suddenly become a little bit obsessed by all things gold and sparkly.  It started with these shoes which I bought for a wedding last year and they are wonderful; comfy and go with almost everything (except apparently the dress inspired by them).  So when thinking of a Christmas dress to make I started looking for sparkly fabrics and found some in Guthrie and Ghani.


I made it up using the Sew Over it, Ultimate shift dress pattern and lined it with black peachskin.  I think when I wear it, I will style it with a black belt and shoes rather than the inspiration shoes which might be a bit too OTT.


All ready for dancing now.  I even painted my toe nails to match!  If you want any more details or pictures, please check out my blog.


3 thoughts on “Gold and sparkly!

  1. Love the gold dress. You will sparkle this Christmas!
    Funny. I also have ended up wearing different shoes for the outfit I made to go with my favourite shoes. Still the inspiration made for a very fun challenge don’t you think?


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