Black Boots and Crewneck Sweater Skirt Combination

I bought this black boots to combine them with an offwhite velvet jeans. I only did it once. It was a skinny jeans and you had the wear the boots over the jeans. It wasn’t a comfortable wear and the boots are rarely coming out of the closet to wear them.


I already made my dress for the Christmas Eve but I wanted to make something less formal for Boxing day. I decided to make something that I could wear with two black&white items I’ve made earlier this year. Both can be worn with the boots.

I found some lovely black stretch fabric with velvet polkadots in my stash and I decided to make a top. In one of earlier bought magazine I found the perfect top. Well what better can you have: wearing boots you hardly wear, using fabric from your stash and also a pattern from a never used magazine. This really is one of this makes that clears away stuff and ending in a good wearable piece of clothing. Not only for Boxing day but also for daily wear. More lovely pictures can be found here.

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