My Christmas Par-Tea Dress. 

My party dress is the Simple Sew English Tea Dress. I wanted a black dress, which I could customise and make nice and Christmassy with this beautiful gold trim.

I bought this lovely, drapey black viscose dress fabric from the local market and 2 metres of it just covered this dress.
The pattern came together quite quicky, there’s darts in both the front and the back pieces which gives it a really nice shape. As this was my Christmas dress I used gold ribbon as a binding on the facings before sewing them in place.

I had left the dress very last minute, I’ve had it cut out for ages but the party date just crept up on me! Anyway, because I was rushing slightly, I didn’t have a long zip so I had to use a 9 inch one… luckily I had cut the back piece on the fold; it meant I didn’t have to cut in in half to insert a zip. and it does make it look smoother. It does mean I have to wiggle in to it a bit but it’s no big deal.

The picture on the pattern shows a V-shaped dip at the waist but I found the pattern doesn’t allow for this as much as it suggests. I inserted the cute little tulip shaped sleeves (the pattern comes with 3 options) and then hemmed it, which was an absolute nightmare, the fabric seemed to slip even with pressing and pinning. I pinned and sewed the trim along the hem with the design slightly overlapping the edge,  hiding any dodgy hemming!

I toyed with the idea of adding the trim elsewhere and pinned it along the neck and the waist to try it but decided against it in the end…  I think my hubby’s words were ‘you have issues with simple being better don’t you?’ I do think it looks effective and more classy and not too OTT this way.

I styled in with black tights and these gorgeous festive gold T-bar shoes… Another reason I didn’t go mad with gold trim- I knew I had gold accessories!

I felt really glam and was so pleased to be wearing something I made when I didn’t even know how to see clothes this time last year. Also, just to add, I borrowed my friends chopstick curlers and oh my God, I’m in hair love! Tis definitely the season.  For more pictures and construction info,  visit my blog.


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  1. Great dress! I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but your hubby has some wisdom there with the less is more. Taking it easy on the trim allows for more accessories, and allows you to change the look. And who doesn’t love to have a versatile garment?


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