Date Night Dress

Butterick’s Maggie London pattern 5559 is a dream. I have had this pattern for a while, and in paring down and cleaning out things, one goal I have is to actually make rather than collect sewing patterns. (Ha,ha….ha.)

So, a pattern that comes together quickly, in a knit, with no zippers, buttons or anything at all?!?! That seems perfect. The best, best part about this pattern is that the darts are hidden in the little folds- this pattern is genius. My only word of advice is if you are the sewer that doesn’t spend lots of time marking every little detail- this is a MUST for this pattern. There are a LOT of lines.

Since tonight is New Year’s Eve, it’s my date night dress- to be candid, this is sitting on my couch with my husband, most likely falling asleep waaayy before midnight, because that’s what you do when you have a 10 month old. Eek!

I am very much looking forward to it, he has been away and working so much that I’m excited to get him all to myself. Even if by the time tonight comes I have on leggings and big puffy slippers to complement my little dress.


13 thoughts on “Date Night Dress

  1. Love your dress. Your post really made me smile. I am glad its not just me has a comfortable life AND the staying in on New Years Eve in slippers and leggings with your lovely dress! Also I totally understand your comment about collecting paterns not making them. I have this problem! Have a lovely 2017.


  2. This is a gorgeous dress! I love the unusual darts and the shaping they give to the dress. I’ve still never sewn darts on jersey but I’m really tempted to track down this pattern now to give it a go.


    • Thank you! I was skeptical about it because the construction looked like it would throw me for a loop but I seriously think you should try it- as long as you spend time carefully marking it, the construction really a breeze- and it came together so quickly. It took me 3-4 days maybe, and that was just random bits here and there.


      • Yes it’s the remembering to mark that I would struggle with. I’m terrible for forgetting to put in all the markings then just having to fudge things! nice to hear it comes together quickly though.


  3. Love the seamlines on that bodice! And you’re not the only one sitting on the couch on NYE lols ! (By the way was that dress made for the #littlereddressproject??)


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