happy belated skirtsday

It’s the last day of the month, which means amnesty day on the Monthly Stitch! I’m making up for the challenge I missed back in August, celebrating the Monthly Stitch’s third birthday. I had such big plans for that challenge! But I was worn out from Indie Pattern Month (I participated in the bundle challenge, so it extended into July for me) & we had just moved house.

Anyway, I did make these three skirts with the challenge in mind. I just didn’t finish them until mid-September, & I’ve been having a health crisis for the last few months that has prevented me from posting until now.

I did a fair bit of commissioned sewing this year. My mother-outlaw (so named because my partner & I are not married, so we are not technically “in-laws”) asked me to make her a wrap skirt. A few weeks later, she surprised me by just mailing this vintage wrap skirt pattern to me & requesting two versions of view 3. I had never sewn from a vintage pattern before because I’m generally outside the size range, but she is a tiny person who managed to find exactly the skirt she remembered from her youth, in exactly her size.


The bummer part is that she also selected & purchased her own fabric without consulting me…or the pattern. The pattern calls for a fabric with a little heft to it, like a twill. She chose a floaty black cotton lawn that was beautiful, but downright sheer, & a loosely woven plaid linen situation. Neither was really appropriate for the pattern.

I did my best to make it work. The skirt wraps in the back & ties in the front, so the primary sheerness concern is in the front. I had just enough black lawn to cut the front of the skirt twice, so it was self-lined for opacity. I had a hell of a time figuring out how the pockets worked. The pattern piece was shaped kind of like an alligator, with a smaller alligator mouth shape for a facing, & there was a certain degree of folding & trimming & topstitching that was really confusing. But once I figured it out–what a clever design!


The plaid linen was opaque. It was just difficult to work with because it wanted to unravel as soon as it got near a pair of shears. & of course, I doubled down on the challenge by going all in on the pattern-matching. It was worth it though. Those pockets look AMAZING.



My mother-outlaw loved her skirts & said she gets compliments on them every time she wears them & all her friends want to commission me to sew for them. To which I was like, “Um…nope.” Haha. But I did enjoy this project so much that I decided to grade the pattern up & make a skirt for myself. My measurements are about 10″ bigger than my mother-outlaw’s all around. It was my first time grading up a vintage pattern, or grading anything up that much, but I knew I had some wiggle room because it was a skirt (no bust-fitting) & a wrap skirt at that.

There was much ratio-calculating & slashing & spreading, & in the end, it’s just a hair too big. It doesn’t matter that much, because I can just tie the wrap to fit, but the pockets are a little further to the back than I’d prefer.


I made my skirt out of gray bottomweight twill & used pink thread for my topstitching. The buttons on the pockets are decorative rather than functional. I used two silly cat face buttons I got from M&J Trimmings in New York.


Hopefully I will have a few more amnesty posts coming in the next few months, & I’m hoping to contribute regularly again in the new year. Feel free to swing by my blog!

10 thoughts on “happy belated skirtsday

    • Thank you! & they only took me approximately one thousand hours. The plaid is just barely not perfectly symmetrical & I thought I would lose my mind trying to make that damn pocket match. & the most ridiculous part of all is that she doesn’t sew & probably didn’t even notice, haha!


    • Thank you! Pink, gray, & black are my neutrals so it was nice to pair them together. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when I wear the skirt around town, & it’s super comfy & surprisingly practical for a wrap skirt. It has excellent coverage. I’ve even worn it to volunteer at my daughter’s preschool with no worries about wardrobe malfunctions on the playground.


    • Thanks! The pockets are really cool. But I do not foresee myself making such a voluminous garment out of cotton lawn again anytime soon. Hemming it was no fun at all.


        • I was going to, but by the time I got to the hem, I just wanted to be DONE. So I machine sewed it. I won’t sit here & claim that it was my all-time greatest work either. I calmed myself by telling myself it wasn’t me, it was the fabric, which wasn’t my choice in the first place.


            • I fully intended to! But she bought the fabric & had it sent to my house before I could talk to her about it! Not a great surprise, I will tell you. She likes the skirts though, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

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