Matching Ankle Boots and Cardigan

Last day of the month and I’m asking for amnesty for “If the Shoe Fits….”. I bought these boots in a sale. My theory is that they were at such a reasonable price, because the colour is so unusual. I picked them to fit a work need. I had a lack of shoes which were smart enough for the meeting customers, but not too high-heeled and would be comfortable for walking and negotiating the underground (that’s the London tube, not some nefarious world, in case you were wondering!)

Later this year I bought this medium-weight jersey. I’m not sure exactly if I had intended to buy this fabric to co-ordinate with these shoes or whether it was just coincidence. Certainly there isn’t much in my wardrobe, apart from the neutral black and grey clothes that go with the shoes and the cardigan. It’s probably just as well that they are good together.

The cardigan was made with the Jenna cardigan pattern from Muse Patterns. There are several options and I decided to go with the long-sleeved option without the shoulder yoke.

The fabric was quite a challenge as it did curl a ridiculous amount. I did reduce the arm length and body length a little and this was my only real change to the pattern. The construction was relatively straight-forward, but I bottled out of top-stitching the button/ button-hole bands. I settled for hand-sewing these in place. I thought it looked a bit amateurish when I first did it; it’s not a look you see on knit garments, but it has grown on me and no one has commented negatively about the finish. For a full report on the construction, visit my blog.

It’s cold, I’m not ashamed I’m wearing that hat……

Perhaps I could take the hat off for a few seconds……