The Not Stashed Denim Shift Dress

​I’m so glad that The Monthly Stitch has done this theme because after all the Christmas sewing,  I lost my sewjo a bit!  So, in a bid not to stash the embroidered denim I gifted myself,  I revisited the Ultimate Shift Dress. 

This is my second shot at the ultimate shift dress from Sew Over It, the first being for my Mum.  It’s a great, easy pattern so I wanted one for myself. I know from making my Mum’s that it is tailored for quite a small bust so I referred to the Sew Style Bookazine,  I have because I was featured in it, to take the pattern out to account for my chest. 

I knew I wanted to use the embroidery for the hem, so I cut it to make the most of the pattern. I also made it a little longer as I wanted to embroidery on my knees, not above them. I only used it on the bottom and cut the sleeves from the rest of the fabric. 

The dress goes together really easy and there isn’t much else to say apart from, check out the amazing bit of pattern matching I have managed to do on the lace…  Yay! 

I still have 2 metres of this in my stash so it’s a bit of a stashed/not stashed thing but I have a new dress so it’s a winner! 

I wore this for New Years Eve. We don’t do anything big,  just a chilled night of games and food at my sister’s.  This dress was perfect for it,  lovely and snug. I cinched it with a brown plaited belt and my brown brogues. 


For more pictures and details,  see my blog post.


4 thoughts on “The Not Stashed Denim Shift Dress

  1. This is a lovely dress! The border print is gorgeous and I like the way you’ve done the back neckline. I made this dress up a few years ago but it was a bit snug on the hips, I wore it loads anyway though & really should make it again!


    • Thanks so much, the dress comes with a neckline like that, I think I’ll try putting a button and tab at the top of the next one I make. I will wear this all the time, it’s so comfy and practical. Need to try the top too I think!


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