Not stashed Liberty fabric

So I was the lucky recipient of two remnant pieces of Liberty cotton from No 1 daughter for Christmas. I decided to use my trusty Vogue 8689 to make a summer shirt. When I laid out the pattern on the fabric I could see there was going to be an issue as the fabric is very narrow being the old 36″ wide. There simply wasn’t enough fabric for the pattern so I decided to make a sleeveless version. As I’ve made it several times before it fits nicely, but covering those little buttons with fabric ! Such a fiddle ! A teeny weeny scrap of leftover fabric has been incorporated into my effort for 1yearofstitches2017.



3 thoughts on “Not stashed Liberty fabric

    • It’s a project that started on facebook to do at least a stitch a day for every day of 2017. It’s an embroidery group, I’ve never done it before but the group is now over 3000 people check out #1yearofstitches on Instagram to see what people are doing, it’s amazing !


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