A blaze (r) of glory!

I bought this fabric in December just before Christmas and made it in January so surely this counts for this month’s challenge?!

I actually won this pattern, Morris blazwr, during the Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month in 2016 but it had been on my to buy list for a while.  I just didn’t prioritise this during my fat pregnant days or my dress like a slob maternity leave days. Thankfully now I’m restored as part-time grownup office worker I have an excuse to make and wear lovely clothes like this again.

This was also in my capsule wardrobe plan as I attempt to rationalise my wardrobe and make things that allow me to create real actual outfits that don’t make me look like a loon due to my attraction to mental colours and patterns.

So to make a simple, classic blazer out of a plain navy ribbed ponte is a serious departure for me. And yet I bloody love it.

I reckon it’s fully possible to sew this in an evening if you know what you’re doing. However even though I had both the instructions and the Sewalong there was a bit of headscratching for me. Now I’ve done it once though I reckon I could knock out a few more quite quickly.

The only alteration I made to this was a narrow shoulder adjustment. I had looked at umpteen blogs and pattern reviews and could only find 1 other person who’d done a narrow shoulder adjustment. So I decided perhaps it wasn’t necessary and cut all the pieces out and hoped for the best. Once I set the sleeves in though it was blindingly obvious that I needed to bring them in at least 2cm on each side. Since I’d already cut the pieces I did a bit of a bodge job and used the ease in the sleeves to narrow the shoulders a bit.

It’s such a minor alteration but the more I sew the less I can put up with ‘almost perfect’ makes. These makes just don’t get worn and eventually end up on a pile of things to fix or cut up.

Anyhoo here is a lovely classic shaped blazer that is casual enough to go with almost anything I wear.

I’m fancying a mustard one, a red one and perhaps a jaunty nautical one in the future!

The front flappiness gets a little annoying when walking in a breeze. I’m contemplating getting a cloak clasp like this one to hold it together. What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been looking for a nice jacket to make. The Morris Blazer was on my list of maybes. You have convinced me that it should be the one. You did such a beautiful job on this make. Kudos to you.

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