Unstashed Patterns

Heya sewists,

One of my sewing resolutions this year is to not buy new fabric – but it didn’t stop me making the most of the 3 for $15 pattern sale at spotlight recently. 😉 So, I thought that would work for the not stashing challenge this month.

In the spirit of not stashing, I immediately cut one pattern out and used a recently op-shopped fabric sample for the sleeves.

The pattern is a McCall’s pattern 120 and I’m pretty happy with it. I love the main fabric which I picked up at a junk shop. It’s a $5 fill a bag type of shop for members and they always have lots of little fabric scraps but one day when I went in someone had obviously dropped off someone’s entire fabric stash – SUCH a good day. I got 2 massive bags of fabric which I generously shared with my sister (I know right, she is lucky to have me!?!).

I’m happy with this pattern and will make more but I’m going to increase the armhole size. I hate tight fitting sleeves and I have ‘generous’ arms and shoulders so it’s a problem I face from time to time. Also the super synthetic fabric of the sleeves is not good for sweaty feeling factor, and I’m one of those people who feel permanently hot.


I may still remove the sleeves and re-cut the armhole because if that is right this dress will get lots of wear. I love the colours on me and the shape is SO easy to wear.

I currently have another new pattern all cut out with a piece from stash and another ‘fresh’ second hand piece of fabric in line. Loose fitting t-shirt dress here I come – imagine if I managed to blog twice in one month when I manage to miss the deadline every other time?!


Hope all your sewing resolutions are coming together.

love you more than a massive fabric haul

Miriam x

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