A child of the 1990’s!

Oops, I’m early for February! Is that allowed? You can tell I’m new to the TMS cos I’m so keen!
I had a lot of fun with this challenge it was perfect for delving into this pattern that I’ve had for a while:
Remember when computers looked like this?
I went on a bit of a journey with this one as it first turned out massive on my poor skinny husband!


I tamed it down a bit and ended up with a much more useful (if less entertaining) sweater that still accommodates his *cough* muscles *cough*.


You’re warmly invited over to my place for more 1990’s reminiscing. I’ve got Snake II on my Nokia, the new Spice Girls album on cassette and a pile of Friends videos. Rumour has it Ross and Rachel are going to split up. And get back together…

7 thoughts on “A child of the 1990’s!

  1. Can you imagine what the Simplicity website would have looked like at the time? After you’d waited for it to start loading and gone off and made a cup of tea, that is.

    That’s a great and it looks like you have a treasure of a pattern there.


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