Flocked Shirt Dress

B5920 was calling my name again!  This time a more modern shirt dress but with all the Retro collar features this pattern offers.

Shirt Dress B5920

My first make was exactly to pattern version A. I never wore this dress! The second involved a few alterations to convert it to a maxi with a full length placket, which I wear regularly.

For this latest make I kept the skirt back alteration I made for the maxi version – I much prefer how this falls and is in keeping with the front gathers.

Shirt Dress B5920     Shirt Dress B5920
Now believe it or not, I went to The Fabric Store VIP sale specifically looking for fabric to make this dress.  As soon as I laid my eyes on this “Flocked” cotton I knew that would be it.  I’m not sure what “Flocked” means, and I don’t really much care, but it is a cotton with small dots which are raised, like thick stitches in evenly spaced rows.  It is this lovely deep blue, but not navy colour that isn’t like anything else in my wardrobe.  I was so stoked when I found it – mission complete!
No fabric stashing here! (she said with a wicked grin on her face).

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