Unstashed Toaster #2

I have been on a mission to clear through my stash of fabric so I can take stock of what I have already made and what the gaps in my wardrobe are….then came monthly stitch January challenge!  Just after a few online sales shopping so I had to keep my piles of fabric out so I can call them unstashed!


This is my second toaster top from sew house seven,  my first was in scuba fabric and this version is in a really soft knit fabric from girl charlee.




I really like this design and will definitely be making another one in a jersey fabric.
For more details click here.

Now to start thinking about 1980’s outfits that I might actually wear…. Thinking another nettie bodysuit could be on the cards!!

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  1. Hi, The 80s were not quite like most people seem to remember. Yes you had Madonna and to go out at night a small number of people did dress like that and we had punks and goths ( not the goths of today with big boots but we were closer to steampunks in the way we looked) but really in every day life MOST people wore skinny jeans, leggings ( which first showed up to my memory in 1979 just as I was leaving school) and were really THE female clothing item of the 80s. Along with this nearly everyone wore Biker jackets and denim jeans jackets with leather short skirts and frilly ra-ra skirts. Along with this we had very large tops and baggy jumpers and ballet flats, baseball boots and doc martins. So basically we wore what is currently in fashion! We usually chopped the sleeves off our Tshirts but really hardly anyone wore huge shouldered tops. They were around but unless you wore a suit most folk never wore them. There was massive unemployment ( UB40;s The one in 10 was a song of the time) so we had no cash for fancy clothing. The real difference was our hair and leg warmers! But thats it so infact you should have no problem making an 80s outfit at all! Its really exactly what is currently street fashion all over the world. We ae now wearing what I wore as a late teen and twenty-something. I left school May 22nd 1980 so that was my youth. The body did not appear until 1989 so is borderline 80s but was more common in the very early 90s. Or that’s how it was in London and the Midlands Uk anyway!
    Nice top by the way!

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    • I was born in 81 so my memories of 1980’s were mainly leggings and cropped t shirts, crimped hair and argyle sweaters.


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