If The Shoe Fits

Thank goodness for amnesty day!! 
Back in October my bestie gave me a couple of pairs of shoes.  We were back at her house after a session in the gym so I tried the first pair on with my gym gear and we fell about laughing……


The second pair I took a little bit more seriously.  They were amazing – huge heals and a platform, suede with a zip back closure, open toe, and the most gorgeous shade of burgundy/plummy sort of colour you’ve ever seen in a shoe.

I knew exactly what I had in my stash that would go with them and which pattern I would use………


The colour of the shoes matched exactly with the colour of some of the ovals on the fabric.  I had bought this gorgeous satin in Abakhan in Chester when I met up with a  “virtual buddy” and fellow sewing blogger who was visiting all the way from New York!

I could get carried away and tell you all about that, but that’s another story!

So back to the shoes and the Holly Jumpsuit.

I had made the Jumpsuit once before.  Back then,  after making 2 muslins the top of the jumpsuit draped a little too low so I made a modesty panel. Since then I’d lost a few pounds and it draped even lower,  so a few minor adjustments to the pattern were needed.

As you can see, not a good look!





I estimated I needed to loose 4 inches from the drape at the front.

It’s a bit tricky putting into words what I did to the front bodice piece. Do the photos make sense?

I basically removed the shaded wedge from the top  (this was 2 inches) which then created a side dart by cutting into the pattern and making a hinge.  I’m not sure if bias cut tops should really have a side dart, but I could live with bending the rules a little if it meant my modesty would be preserved!

I also reduced the crotch depth by 1 inch.  Strangely enough there were no shorten/lenthgen marks on the trousers so I just did it where I thought and it worked out fine.  I think next time though i’ll add 1/4 inch back as the crotch depth is a tiny bit too short now.

Once I’d made the adjustments, the pattern was cut out and sewn up relatively quickly.  A quick try on to check the fit and a huge sigh of relief!


For my first Holly I made the straps as per the instructions but always found them a bit delicate looking for my shoulders.  So this time I made the straps  3/4 inch wide, which were much more my style.


And here it is finished……………oops, where’s the shoes!?

And do I love it?  I sure do!!

I’ve worn it to the Golf Club Presentation night when I collected a trophy! (sorry this was at the end of the night just as I was leaving but you can make out the shoes!)


I also wore it to a black tie do at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground, with my Butterick 6390.  And with THE shoes of course!


And I wore it to a few more dinners and to my works Christmas do!

And of course to our local for the karaoke night!thimberlina-amnestyday-tms-1299


So in case you’re still wondering if you need a jumpsuit in your life the answer from me would be a HUGE BIG YES!!

They’re so easy to wear, more flattering than you would imagine and versatile too!

No I’m not on commision, but I do love them.  I’ll have to have a rummage in my friend’s shoe collection to see which take my fancy next!


7 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits

  1. Gorgeous fabric and such a successful make! When I buy a ‘Special’ outfit I sometimes shock myself by working out the ‘price per wear’. This usually helps me make a decision of whether or not to purchase. Your ‘price per wear’ for this outfit must be into single figures!!

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    • Thanks Lucy ☺️ This is probably one of the best cost per wear outfits I have, especially when teamed with the grey jacket as that was a sponsored post!
      Have you seen the Stylebook app? I’ve started logging my wardrobe, once you’re up to date and log what you wear it comes up with all sorts of statistics. Just a bit time consuming to start with, but I’m adding a bit each day.


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