Announcing the March challenge!


We we’re really surprised by the vote numbers for February’s challenge and although sewing from the decade you were born (Through the Decades) won fair and square “I’m the last person to sew (x) pattern” was also really popular.

Your editors started talking about what patterns might fit the bill and the list got so long we decided it was right to offer it up for March.

Last One Standing is another chance to go back in time, just a little bit, and jump on the bandwagon with one (or more) of those really popular patterns that you never got around to sewing up.

You know the ones, they were wildly popular immediately upon release and everyone was sewing them…except maybe you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Or maybe you were too and now you want to revisit.

Some examples (as seen on the challenge badge) include:

  • By Hand London Anna Dress
  • Named Kielo Wrap Dress
  • Tilly and the Buttons Miette Skirt
  • Grainline Studio Morris Blazer
  • Muse Jenna Cardi
  • Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans
  • Sewaholic Cambie Dress

But this list is not exhaustive. What other pattern fit this category?

Share them in the comments below or join us in a discussion over on our Facebook page.



11 thoughts on “Announcing the March challenge!

  1. Oh, I’m thinking about the Washi or the Emery — both dresses I haven’t made yet — or even the Anna — I have all these patterns but haven’t caught up to the bandwagon yet!


  2. Seriously, it’s like you’ve been rummaging around in my head and pulling out all of my thoughts. ‘Sew Your Decade’ slots right in to my upcoming plans for a whole bunch of seventies patterns and ‘Last One Standing’ fits with my plan to finally sew the Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress. Thanks!

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  3. How about Sew over It Ultimate trousers( seen so many , have the pattern but never got round to making), some of the Collette patterns ( first indie designer I came across when returning to sewing – but I’ve never made up one of her patterns) and the London sweatshirt


  4. Scout T-shirt!
    McCalls m6696 shirt dress!
    Grain line Archer!
    To name a few….

    It’d be fabulous to see a month dedicated to the opposite of this too – be bold and sew something that practically no-one has sewn up. – instead of being the last to sew something, you could be the first!

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