Apparently the 80s is not the worst decade!

I love vintage patterns and I am accumulating quite a collection, so I was pretty excited when this challenge was announced.  Even though I do not have many 1980s patterns.  As a child of the 80s, I definitely don’t view this as the decade of great fashion.


However, on searching I discovered this pattern, which was great as I’ve been wanting a cropped sweater for a while, to go with high waisted trousers and skirts.  The cover art is a bit uninspiring but if you can look beyond it, I think both the shorts/culottes and the top have potential.


The pattern calls for a fairly stable knit and basically instructs you to sew it up like a woven.  I used a ponte that I’d bought on Goldhawk Road but actually it’s really poor quality which is the one thing I dislike about this sweater.  I’ll definitely be making it again in a better knit.


For further details and info about other vintage makes that I have planned, please visit my blog.

6 thoughts on “Apparently the 80s is not the worst decade!

  1. Yes, that is how I remember the 80s. Not all big shouldered suits but loads of cropped tops and cullottes. Though these would be shorts then I think. Cullottes tended to be much fuller and look like skirts in the 80s. Either pleats or gathers with hidden trousers and very full. These look more like your classic Tea-bags. They had a frill at the top of the waistband usually. Very much LOVE the top. Well done!


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