70s Flashback

I have to say the theme this month had me a little stumped.  I have to say I have never felt the need to revisit the 70s (let alone the 80s, been there done that, still having the nightmares).  I was only nine years old by the time the 80s rolled around, so I had very little say in what I worn in the 70s.  I remember a lot of polyester and nylon, I think I must have had a static charge for the whole decade.  I had no idea what to make and then I remembered Clothkits.  For those of you who did not grown up in the UK, Clothkits was a company that sold printed sewing kits (not unlike Sprout Patterns now) and knitwear and back then had something of a hippy vibe.


I wore a lot of Clothkits clothes in the 70s that my Mum made for me, I think it is where my love of sewing started.  I bought a vintage Clothkits Maxi skirt from Ebay a couple of years ago and it has sat not being sewn since then.  When Jennifer Lauren released the Ivy Pinafore last year, it made me think of this Clothkits kit sitting in my stash, and so the Clothkits Ivy was born.


As you can see there is a navy printed pattern along the bottom of the hem, printed corduroy (or cotton for that matter) was a trademark of Clothkits.  I’m wearing the pinafore here with the Jennifer Lauren Gable Top.  I’m not completely sure that this is a short swing pinafore dress is really my style, but I like the dress so it will get worn, I just have to remember not to bend over or I flash my nickers.

If I thought I did’t know what to make this month, I have not idea what to sew next month, if I haven’t made a pattern months or years after it’s release I obviously had a reason, plus I have a self imposed pattern buying ban, so it’s it’s not already in my stash, it is not getting bought.  Oh what to do.

One thought on “70s Flashback

  1. I do like the fabric from cloth kits – border prints are so hard to come by. I think you have chosen a brilliant pattern in the Ivy pinafore. Pinafores are excellent as winter attire as you can layer with either a t-shirt, shirt or jumper underneath – I must make one.


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