Amesty after a long break – not-stashed vintage wool dress

I knew I hadn’t participated in a while, but I admit to have been a little shocked when I realized my last post dates from February 2015. I really want to re-join the party and plan to post regularly this year.

But at the moment I am still struggling to catch up with this year’s challenges, even though there have only been two so far. So I will use the first amnesty day of the year to post my January-project (which I finished in mid-February).


When the Not Stashed-challenge was announced, it gave me the perfect excuse to shop for fabrics despite my more-than-well-filled stash. Lucky me found a beautiful green wool cloth that just begged to become a dress. As it was only a small length from the odds-and-ends-box in the fabric store, I turned to a dress-made-of-little-fabric-pattern from the 1940s, featuring a slim skirt and sunray darts.

I made the belt and the bow from black wool fabric to add a little contrast, I also used black buttons for the sleeves and black topstitching. Despite some fitting issues, majorly caused by my over-ambitious pattern-adjusting, I really love the result and hope the weather here in Switzerland will stay cold enough to wear it for a little longer.

You can find more information and photos on my blog,

Glad to be back in the game,


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